Your Lasting Analytics Advantage


It's not about the perfect outside hire. Or the newest tech stack. Lasting and business-transforming analytics can be unlocked within your organization as it exists today: with your people, the creators and consumers, the influencers and sponsors of analytics. But to do that, you have to accelerate your organization's growth in analytics EQ (emotional quotient) together with its analytics IQ (intellectual quotient). That's when big results become a reality.

Analytics Guild brings executive experts with advanced analytics know-how and organizations together around workshops, programs, and advisory services to solve what we believe is the primary challenge in our profession: our communication, collaboration, insight, and awareness skills are not evolving in parity with our technical advancements.

Guilds throughout history have succeeded in inspiring their professions through 1:1 mentoring, gathering in workshops, and coaching each other. Rather than investing solely in the tools of the trade, they made deep investments in the practitioners and executors themselves. Ancient guilds produced cultural tour-de-forces like Greek theater. Medieval guilds birthed the first modern universities in Bologna, Oxford, and Paris. And today, modern guilds form around professions as varied as acting, architecture, geology, and art, seeking to accomplish the following:

  • Gather the very best to elevate each member,
  • Own the full breadth and understanding of the skills of the profession, and,
  • Grow the depth and insight of the entire profession.

Our executive coaching and training methods take your existing technical skills and contextualize them within broader areas of insight, including analytics awareness and resiliency practices, applied decision theory, and ownership as an analytics leader. By internalizing the methods of the analytics professionals at the top, those who have already experienced success in the analytics profession are able to reach all new vistas.

You may have heard that our industry is facing shortages of skilled analysts and managers with deep analytical know-how. The McKinsey Global Institute claims that the U.S. alone could face a shortage of 140,000-190,000 of these leaders by 2018. In response to such a dire calculation, many assume technical skills are the problem. They found coding dojos and data science boot camps, hoping that by filling a technical gap, the big issue facing the profession will be solved.

And a related problem arises when the brightest data professionals join teams but quickly leave for the next big opportunity. High churn in the profession creates a perpetual worry that better talent is always beyond reach.  

Our goal is to address these issues through a different, more effective path—by turning the profession away from the fear of technical scarcity and toward a realization of the abundance of analytics insight and leadership within your teams today.

Whether through 1:1 executive coaching, workshops custom-designed for your business, or through our virtual offerings, we are your guides toward becoming the proactive and effective professional—the analytics master—you are meant to be.

We hope you will get in touch today, even if it’s just for a chat. You can also take your first step toward analytics mastery by receiving our weekly insights through Analytics Guild’s newsletter, The Friday Five.

All our best,

Ben Olsen
CEO, Analytics Guild